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Tammie Godwin Staff Photo
Tammie  Godwin
Speech-Language Pathologist
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My name is Tammie M. Godwin.  It is my privilege to serve students at Centerville Elementary School as the Speech-Language Pathologist.  I provide interventions for teachers to use within the classroom setting for students that are exhibiting difficulties with speech and/or language skills in the educational environment.  I also provide direct services for students who are identified as having a communication disorder and are found to be eligible for the program after receiving an evaluation.  When a student is referred for a speech and language evaluation the following areas are assessed:  Articulation: speech sound production; Language: expressive and receptive language; Voice: vocal concerns; Fluency:  stuttering types of behavior; Oral-Motor Structures:  musculature and structures of the mouth.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (478) 953-0400 or e-mail me at