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Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to the 3rd  Grade in Room 113! We are off to a great year! I am looking forward to working with you and teaching your child!


          When asked by parents how they can best help their child succeed in school, the answer is always, “Read to your child everyday!” Secondly, keep up with what is going on with your child at school every day. Good behavior, respect, and cooperation will be expected from each child. I will look to you for help and support in achieving this goal.


          The students will receive rewards for appropriate behavior (“happygrams”) and consequences (“loss of dojo/clipdown”) for misbehavior. Discipline letters will be noted in the student’s agenda if the student’s clip falls on or below Teacher’s choice. Please initial agenda daily! School and classroom rules are strictly enforced. I reward students who have not received more than one Teacher’s Choice or below in their planner at the end of the week with a “Fun Friday” activity and snack. You will receive the behavior system in more detail to keep in their homework notebook. If you need another copy, please let me know.


          Graded papers will be sent home in Signed Paper Folder on Tuesday. Please sign, correct, and return the folders on the following day. Having the folder signed is a part of that night’s homework assignment.


The students will be assessed in Spelling on Friday and Reading comprehension assessments will be given on Monday. Math/Sci/Soc Studies assessments will be given upon completion of particular units. Please help your child study during the week.


On Mondays, your child will copy their spelling words. They will have homework each night and will be expected to bring it back on Friday. Your child is responsible for asking you to check their homework and initial the planner daily. This is how you and I can communicate daily to encourage the best, academically and behaviorally, out of your child.


          I hope we can work together this year to provide your child with the best education at Centerville Elementary.  Please write me a note on DOJO, in the planner or email me at if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks in advance for your support.




                                                          Summer Collins Ed. S


                                                          Third Grade Teacher