About the School

Georgia School of Excellence 2012

Our Mission: To produce respectful, high-achieving students who share responsibility for their learning and behavior.

Our Vision: Put children first.

Our Belief: At Centerville Elementary School, each student will meet or exceed all academic standards.

Our Purpose: Mustang Pride


What is Mustang Pride?

Students at Centerville Elementary School are expected to demonstrate Mustang Pride at school and at all school-related functions.  Throughout the year students will learn about the various ways in which they can show their Mustang Pride through respectful actions and attitudes.  They will learn about the Mustang Pride Promises that are shown on the back of this brochure. We appreciate your help and support in this effort to instill lifelong skills in our students.



Complete all assignments without complaining.
After eating in the cafeteria or elsewhere, take care of your trash.


Be the best you can be.
Do not ask for a reward.


Transitions will be swift, quiet, and orderly.
Walk on the right side of the hallway-hands by your side & facing the front.
Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

Patience & Peace

Be positive and enjoy life.
Always say please and thank you.
Hold the door for others.
If someone bumps into you, say "excuse me" even if it's not your fault.


Celebrate the success of others.


Do the right thing even when no one is looking.
Respond to an adult when spoken to and make eye contact.
Face the person speaking.
Do not show disrespect with words or body language.


Always be honest.
Do not stare/laugh at a student who is being reprimanded.
When a substitute is present, all class rules apply.